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WIHBN Realty

We are WIHBN Realty, LLC, your personalized real estate brokerage.  We make it our mission is to build strong relationships, through successful and profitable real estate transactions for buyers, sellers, investors and industry professionals.  We specialize in real estate consulting and educational services.  As an active investor and property manager, we bring a relatable level of experience to our customers.  Through our own transactions, we have gained a unique perspective that we convey to our buyers, sellers, investors and wholesalers, to ensure that they have the greatest chance for profit and success in their own endeavors.

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WIHBN Contractor Services

We are a one-stop shop for all of your construction, maintenance, and rehabilitation needs.  We provide valuable affiliations to our growing base of real estate investors, wholesalers, and associates within our referral network.  Our network of professional contractors includes: General Contracting; Plumbing; Electrical; HVAC; Commercial Janitorial; Pest Control; Camera & Security Systems; and a plethora of other unique services relating to the construction, rehab and property management aspects of real estate.

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WIHBN Investors

For real estate investors who are knowledgeable about market trends, fluctuations, and the opportunities they create, buying undervalued or distressed properties can be a very profitable business.  We help experienced investors to mitigate property management, economic and personal time restraints while helping novice investors capitalize on current real estate market conditions.  Our network of service providers, property sources, educational and support tools, as well as our in-depth personal knowledge of our target markets, makes us a vital key in our investor’s portfolios.

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